LIFT List of Features

LIFT is a smartphone messaging app for iPhone and Android and is a supplement to your messaging and paging needs.

Here are some of the more frequently used end-user features
  • Alert repeats - reminder alerts at a customer determined interval if you do not read your message.
  • SMS Fallback - sometimes data isnt available, but SMS is - you still get your alert.
  • Critical Alerts - ability to override silent and night modes.
  • Encryption - your message and data are encrypted and can only be read on your device.
  • Attachments - You can record your voice or sounds or you can send images.
  • Automatic Contact List - with permissions to your phones contacts, LIFT can compare email and phone numbers to those registered on the server and populate your contact list of other LIFT users you know.
  • Account Contact List - your account holder can provide a list of contacts of other LIFT users in your organization.

From an account level point of view there are additional features and controls to assist your end user with app experience uniformity.  Delivery Profiles - On a per account basis an organization can enforce
  • Minimum alert repeats
  • Minimum/maximum alert intervals
  • Require SMS fall back
  • Require PIN access to app
  • Disable biometrics
  • Maximum time to autolock
  • Maximum log in attempts
  • Require Critical Alert
  • Show sign out (especially useful for shared devices)
  • Hide Autolock (also useful for shared devices)

LIFT accepts multiple inputs including SNPP, WCTP, TAPP, SMTP and more. Read more HERE

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With LIFT Secure Messaging, your entire team can communicate securely and seamlessly.

Small Organizations

1 To 10 Users

Price Per User Billed quarterly: $20.85
Price Per User Billed semi-annually: $35.70 
Price Per User Billed annually: $59.40



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