LIFT Mobile

Compatible with your iOS, or Android device, LIFT Mobile is a pager replacement that exceeds the most stringent industry security standards.

LIFT Works For You

No matter your teams’ device, LIFT works for you. 

Whether your team is using iOS or Android devices, LIFT Mobile is perfect for professionals who rely on collaboration and communication. Faster and more reliable than email, LIFT Mobile provides a higher urgency than email, SMS and phone calls. And, with ongoing service alerts until the message is acknowledged, a centralized message log and audit trail, you can be assured that your team’s communications are as efficient, effective and secure as possible.

LIFT Mobile benefits include:

  • Reliable. Immediate. Effective.
  • Cost-effective pager replacement
  • Carry one device (eliminates the need for pagers)
  • Secure encrypted messaging
  • Separate "In Box" for messages
  • Audit trail with sent, delivered, read and deleted
  • Distinct message notification
  • Unique number ensures your mobile number stays private
  • Global coverage via cellular & Wi-Fi
  • Rapid message delivery
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Industry compliance

Because features matter.

  • Highly Secure SSL 256 bit encryption
  • HIPAA & HITECH compliant
  • Complete message audit trail for regulatory compliance and centralized control. Includes when message was sent, delivered, read and deleted
  • Mobile number stays private
  • Global coverage using cellular or Wi-Fi networks
  • Rapid message delivery
  • Persistent customizable notification ensures critical messages are noticed
  • Unique alert tones further differentiate critical messages from others
  • Messages are displayed within the app; Separating important critical messages from email and SMS text messages
  • Compose and send a message from their handheld device 
  • Messages can include canned responses allowing users to reply quickly and easily
  • Get a personal LIFT mobile number
  • SMS failover ensures that messages are received in the event of a Wi-Fi outage
  • Users can attach Wav & Pic files without jeopardizing compliance
  • System integration is easy, and alerts can even be sent through your existing mobile device management solution

With LIFT Secure Messaging, your entire team can communicate securely and seamlessly.

Small Organizations

1 To 10 Users

Price Per User Billed quarterly: $20.85
Price Per User Billed semi-annually: $35.70 
Price Per User Billed annually: $59.40



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