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Thank you for your interest in LIFT — the secure, reliable, effective and efficient critical message communication platform. Please see some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to get a conversation started!

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The February 2023 security patch for Android has caused some apps to crash or have issues, including LIFT. The issue has been address in the latest Android version of LIFT and can be found on the Google Play Store.

Getting Started: Overview and Setup
Read this guide for getting started with LIFT.

Getting Started: General Usage
Read this guide learn about your general usage as a pager replacement or urgent messaging app.

Lost Password/Username
Opening the LIFT app will present the user logon. If you have forgotten your password use the link provided to get a password reset. Learn more here for further details.

What all can LIFT do?
Here is a short list of features included with LIFT. Although this is not all inclusive you can get an idea that LIFT is not your average pager replacement/ messaging application.

How do I get messages into LIFT?
Read this technical white paper (LIFT Supported Inputs) on the many supported input methods for LIFT

I think I am having a problem, what do I do?
The first thing to do is run Diagnostics.  Open your LIFT app, and go to the menu, then tap SETTINGS - DIAGNOSTICS.  Read more about diagnostics by reading this: LIFT App Diagnostics.

How are messages logged? How long can I access them?
New messages will show up in the UNREAD box. All incoming messages, regardless of read or unread, are in the INBOX and securely stored on our cloud servers.

What message tracking data will be available on my account?
Who sent the message, subject, body and when it was sent, in addition to when the message was delivered and read.

Can non-LIFT users send messages to LIFT users?
Yes, LIFT accepts integrations with a variety of standard protocols and systems. Read this White Paper:LIFT Supported Inputs, on supported input methods or you can contact us at for further information.

Can I keep my cell phone number? Will I need a special data plan?
LIFT provides a separate 'pager' number which can be used just as a traditional pager number can be.

What happens if I get a new smart phone?
LIFT is easily downloaded and ready to use with your username and password. Simply log in and your new phone will receive messages.

Special Note for Android Nougat (os version 7) users:
Android Nougat (OS Version 7) has increased battery life by dictating which apps stay in the background and which apps 'doze' or go to sleep.  In order to receive timely notifications, Android users with version 7 or higher need to make sure LIFT is listed as 'non-optimized' or 'Un-Monitored'.  The easiest way to get started is to run diagnostics, and follow the directions at the bottom of the screen.  Additional information can be found in this white paper: Android 7

What if I need additional help? 
We are happy to help.  Requests will be handled during regular business hours 9-5 Eastern for standard customers. E-mail liftsupport or fill out contact form.

MessageSync Vs LIFT
MessageSync is the predecessor to LIFT and is being depreciated. MessageSync users can download LIFT and use their existing username and password to log in to the up to date and more secure LIFT application.

I can not find LIFT
Often to find LIFT in your app store, you will have to search for LIFT Messaging. Or you can use THIS LINK

What cellular carriers support LIFT?
LIFT is not carrier dependent. It uses standard push technology and SSL for security.

How will the message alert appear?
Appearances in iOS are user defined via “Settings” > “Notifications” > “Applications” > LIFT.  Android alerts appear in the notification bar.

Can I reply to the message?
Yes, you have the ability to send replies to a valid LIFT sender. You can not reply to 'anonymous' messages which are typically from traditional paging systems.

How do I download LIFT?
LIFT can be downloaded from your device’s respective application store.

Do I receive messages even if I’m logged out of the app?
Yes.  LIFT takes advantage of your phones notifications to alert you of incoming messages.

Can I receive messages while I’m talking on the phone?
Yes. Your LIFT platform works similarly to messaging platforms that you may be used to with the ability to receive messages while speaking on the phone. (Carrier network restrictions may apply)

What types of smartphone OS versions are needed to run LIFT?
iOS 12 or higher, Android v9.0 or higher.

What happens if I do not have cellular coverage or my battery dies?
LIFT alerts are sent using push technology, which keeps the last push alert if your phone is unavailable. Once the phone becomes available you will receive your last alert.

How does Contact Sync work?
On the latest versions of LIFT, contacts automatically sync into your LIFT Contact list.  Existing LIFT users, who are already in your phone address book will appear in the LIFT contacts list by matching telephone or email address.  If a contact does not show up, look in your phones address book and verify that the cellular or email address you have matches the one your associate used when they registered with LIFT.

Tell me about attachments
On the latest versions of LIFT, audio and image attachments can be sent and received between LIFT users.  Older versions of LIFT can not receive attachments, and the user will not have any indication that there was one.

Multiple attachments can be added to a message, and that message can go to multiple people if you choose.

With LIFT Secure Messaging, your entire team can communicate securely and seamlessly.

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