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OVERVIEW - Lift Messaging

Lift is a critical message communication app for smart phones - Apple, and Android

It utilizes push notifications and encrypted connections to a cloud server for the ultimate in security and compliance. Users are alerted using traditional messaging platforms and can also message securely app to app. Lift users can also attach real-time audio and images with messages. The app uses an encrypted data connection, carrier or wifi, making it reliable even in spotty cell coverage areas. Only notifications are sent to the device, so no message data is stored locally, making it secure.

A typical message transaction:

• The Lift user’s id is messaged in the same way traditional pagers/devices are messaged.
• The message is delivered to the Lift cloud server.
• The Lift server sends a secure notification to the Lift app via data connection.
• The Lift server sends secure reminder notifications to the Lift app via data connection until the user acknowledges the notification.
• The Lift server sends a fail-over SMS text notification to the User if the notification is still not acknowledged.
• When the users presses the notification, the app opens an encrypted data connection to the Lift server, and the user can read, reply*, delete messages.

The Lift app utilizes the user’s registered e-mail and phone number for security verification,
password resets and auto-populating the Lift contact list. Users will also provide security
questions/answers for password reset. Users may use a numeric unlock code, facial recognition or fingerprint for additional security.

The Lift app requires the following smart phone permissions:

• Notifications – required for notification of a new message delivered to the Lift server.
• Contacts – required to auto-populate the Lift contact list comparing user contacts with registered Lift users (using e-mail addresses and phone numbers).
• Microphone – required to record audio message attachments.
• Camera – required to attach image message attachments.

INSTALLING - Lift Messaging
1) Open App Store.

Search for the Lift app - (Lift Messaging - by Indiana Paging Network)

Download, install and open the app.

2) Press OK to Allow Contact Access.

The app compares Lift registered users (via e-mail or cell number) to auto-populate your Lift Contacts.
3) Press Allow to allow Notifications.

The app uses notifications to register your device and to alert you of new messages in your Lift Inbox.

4) Press Allow to Allow Critical Alerts.
The app can send alerts even when your device is in Do Not Disturb mode (iPhone only). You can control this in Settings.

INITIAL SETUP of Lift Messaging
5) Login using the Username and Password provided by IPN or your provider.
6) You may be required to change the default password.  TAP Ok to continue if prompted
7) Follow the screen prompts to enter a new password.

The password must contain a
  • lower case
  • UPPER CASE letter
  • at least one numeric digit
  • minimum 8 characters in length

Press Apply.

8) Follow prompts at the Welcome Screen which include your First and Last Name as well as your Email Address and Cell phone.

This information will be used to verify your identity for the installation.  You will receive an Email and SMS to validate the installation. Click the links to enable the installation.
Press Enter Codes Manually and enter the PINs if necessary.

9) Setup secret questions: Select 3 questions to personalize the password reset function.

10) Press the menu button on the top right to access the menu.
11) Press Diagnostics to run a diagnostic check.  If for any reason, the diagnostics fail, use the CONTACT SUPPORT option from the menu and be sure to include diagnostics.

15) Press the menu button on the top right to access the menu.
16) Press Settings. Press Alert and Ringtone.
17) Verify Enable Push Alerts is On.
  • Set Critical Alerts / DND ignore
  • Choose a Ringtone.
  • Press Customize if applicable.
  • Set Repeat alerts.
  • Set Interval.
  • Enable SMS Failover.

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With LIFT Secure Messaging, your entire team can communicate securely and seamlessly.

Small Organizations

1 To 10 Users

Price Per User Billed quarterly: $20.85
Price Per User Billed semi-annually: $35.70 
Price Per User Billed annually: $59.40



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