LIFT App Diagnostics


If you think you are having any type of issues with our application and service, your first step is to double check your phone and connectivity environment.  The easiest way to do this is to run diagnostics from within the LIFT Messaging app.

Open LIFT and tap on the menu in the top right, then tap SETTINGS and scroll down to DIAGNOSTICS.  As soon as you tap diagnostics, they begin by checking a number of services and constraints.

Below is a brief overview based on Apple iOS.  Android users will see something very similar.  If any item is RED then it needs to be addressed to ensure proper operation.  Specific error message definitions can be found App Diagnostic Error Messages


Host connection - Checks to make sure the device has data connectivity and can reach the LIFT servers.
Check your internet connection.  If you are on WiFi, try cellular.  If cellular work and Wifi does
not, then check with your WiFi admin to make sure is not blocked.
User Login - Confirms your login username (typically your pager number) and password.
Subscriber ID - Reports LIFT Messaging ID.  This confirms from the server your messaging/pager ID.
Latency Check - Reports the time it takes to pull 20 messages
This is informational only, high latency (greater than 10 seconds) will be due to your
internet connection speed to our servers.
Push Alert Check - Push alerts enabled within the LIFT app
Device Token Check - checks device ID matches for Push Alerts
This is a self-correcting step.  If there is an error at this step, re-run diagnostics to verify it
was fixed.  If it remains red, close the app and try again.
Contact Sync - Check access to address Book as well as syncs contacts.
If this step fails, you have not allowed access to your phones internal address book.
LIFT users who are in your phone address book are automatically added to your LIFT Messaging
app address book.  While this happens periodically in the background, this step does a forced update.
Push Test - sends a test alert and verifies that the alert is received as well as providing a reference time.
If this step fails, check your notification settings.
Battery Optimize *Android Only.  Click HERE to learn more about battery optimization.  Applies to Android OS 7 and higher.  If you do not see this, then you do not have this option.

The following diagnostic steps are specific to Apple iOS, and do not apply to Android.

Notifications - Checks iOS settings - set to allow Notifications for Lift app.  If this step fails, you need to go to settings (see below) and change the slider ON to 'Allow Notifications'.  Without this, LIFT can not notify you of your messages.

If any of the following iOS/Apple only settings fail the diagnostics, it does not prevent LIFT from working, however your experience may be degraded.

                  ringtone  -  Checks ringtone selected

                  iOS Badge - Checks iOS settings - set to allow number of unread messages badge for Lift app

                  iOS Alert - Checks iOS alert style settings - banners or alerts

                  iOS Sound - Checks iOS settings - set to allow sounds for Lift app

Apple iOS Notification Setting Recommendations

The following are specific to Apple iOS 10, your settings may vary depending on the version you are running.

To fix any of above notification settings go to the settings in your phone by finding and tapping the gear icon.

Find the Notifications category typically in the 2nd section of settings.

Scroll through your applications and find LIFT, then tap on it.

Here you can control how your alerts and notifications are presented on your device.

Android Notification Settings

The following are specific to Andoid OS 7, your settings may vary depending on the version you are running.

To check your notification settings go to the settings in your phone by finding and tapping the gear icon typically at the top right of your phone after you swipe down to reveal the notification center.

In the 'Phone' section find and tap on NOTIFICATIONS

Scroll down the list of applications until you find LIFT.  Make sure the slider is ON (blue) to allow notifications.


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